Papel Picado, to honor Dia de los Muetos


Using visuals to enhance a lesson plan is always a bonus because students learn in many different ways. For my lesson about Dia de los Muetos- the day of the dead, a cultural celebration observed in Mexico to honor past loved ones, having those visuals really help my students understand that Dis de los Muetos is not about Halloween, but something much deeper, a different culture\’s customs. Papel Picado are paper banners that have different designs cut into them & hung together on a string.


Students will learn about the cultural celebration of Dia de los Muetos- Day of the Dead. Students will engage in the art process of designing and creating Papel Picado, a cut paper artwork, then the students will put all their papel picado together to create a banner for the classroom. Students will be able to observe and participate, through their art making, in another culture\’s customs.


Posters of the cultural celebration of Dia de los Muetos, examples of Papel Picado. Paper in different bright colors, sissors, string, glue.

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I think that a lot of students think that language arts are boring! but when you show the students the art of a particular culture- past or present- students are given a chance to really get to know that culture through their art.

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