I teach Art/ Journalism in my school and i publish a school newspaper. Last year, i received seven digital cameras for my students to use on a project. My teaching idea is to allow students to observe one object, dissect it in their mind and take about 10 photos of the same object in different angles and then print the photos and make a 3D collage.


the photo shoot will take place in the school yard. the students will learn to observe and take pictures of something that appealed to them. they will take their time studying the object of choice and really see it. Students tend to rush and snap pictures without thinking. i would like them to reflect on their work.


I have the digital cameras but i need to print and therefore i need a colored printer and lots of ink.

Other Information

Every year, i rely on generous donations and grants or any left over money from the school budget to get my students supplies and the tools they need to learn and enjoy art. i like for them to enjoy art making as an artist as well as observe and analyze like a journalist. Thank you!

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