Pointillism Art and Math


The students choose a famous art work and recreate it on white construction paper. They first sketch the picture lightly with pencil; then use fine or thick markers to create the picture ONLY with dots (pointillism). Then they create a table with 5 headings: color of dot, number of dots, fraction, decimal number, percent. They then complete the table by counting the number of dots for each color and obtain a total number of dots to determine the fraction, decimal and percent for each color.


The students will learn about a famous art work and artist of their choice, and then sketch and color this work with the specific art style of pointillism. They will also create and complete a table while using math to reinforce fractions, decimal numbers and percentages related to the different colors in their picture.


80 pound white construction paper for the picture design, fine point and think point color markers, photocopy paper for the 5 column table

Other Information

I did this last year as a culminating activity when my students completed their chapter on fractions, decimals and percents. They enjoyed looking for a famous piece of art, learning about the artist and then recreating it in their own pointillism style. They also understood much better how fractions, decimals and percents were related!

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