Radial Designs/ Mandalas


Using a compass, draw a 6 inch circle onto drawing paper. Cut out circle; fold in half, in half again, & once more. Use vocabulary of radius, semi-circle, fourths, & eighths. Draw two lines from one side of wedge to the other–curvy, zigzag, etc. Draw simple nature icon inside the largest area, such as dragonfly, fish, turtle, seahorse, etc. Fill in negative space with repeating shapes. Trace design w/ sharpie. At window, trace design onto other eighths. Color w/colored pencils.


Draw a circle with a compass. Use and understand math vocabulary, such as radius, semi-circle, and fractions of a circle. Discover how to transfer a drawing to other parts of the circle to create a dynamic mandala-type design. Find out that mandalas, or sacred circles, are used as focal points for meditation.


white drawing paper compasses, or paper plates for younger students black Sharpie markers colored pencils or markers

Other Information

Most students were successful with this project, and really enjoyed seeing their designs emerge

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