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In the Starfish Reef room I promote Reading and to Live, Laugh and Love one another, always! All students K-5 grade levels have the chance everyday to earn prizes through reading consistently throughout the whole year. That includes summer vacation and right up to the last day of school. For good behavior, kindness, doing good deeds, listening to the Staff and following directions, the students get to play in the Starfish Reef room from 10-20 minutes per day. Every child LOVES my room!!!!!


They will learn the excitement of reading which also builds their self-confidence and morale. Not only that, but they learn to be better friends, supporters and citizens of their community and the state of Georgia. The number of students being reported to the Principal\’s office each day has gone down drastically in the 6 years since Sawyer has opened its doors.


All kinds of prizes from rubber bands to erasers to ipads and iphones and big stuffed animals. Ditto paper, stickers, art supplies and used toys that are in good shape are used in the Reef room. An X-Box or Wii station for the TV in my room would be nice, or the games to go with them.

Other Information

My children love to come to see me because I have a double-shot basketball goal, a fooseball table, a pool table, an air hockey game, a table tennis game, 6 computers, a reading center, blocks, legos, a small housekeeping area, an art center, a toy area for the boys to play, an X-box, a puppet show area, a dry erase board and finally a football arcade game. If every school had this kind of set-up, RESPECT, KINDNESS AND LOVE would fill this USA. Our Nation would be a better place to live

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