ReConnecting to Nature through Art


We all share in the responsibility of taking care of the Earth. We can learn from looking at Native American culture how we are connected to the planet. My hope is to use N.A. art & stories to strengthen environmental conscientiousness. All levels will participate in art projects that will focus on the environment and natural world. My goal is to build upon interdisciplinary projects and school-wide goals that are already established; using art to create a more authentic learning experience.


My goal in art class is to provide a connection to the children that they are a part of a larger universal experience. Through Native American art and storytelling students will learn the importance of humans’ connection to nature, and the consequences of living in opposition to the ecology of the planet. Students will create art projects that reconnect them to the natural world though observation, use of natural materials, & promote environmental sustainability & responsibility.


A variety of natural materials such as: clay, twigs, leaves & \’junk\’ to create art projects. Cameras can be used to document temporary natural artworks. Books: Keepers of the Earth, The Giving Tree, The Lorax, Planting a Tree in Kenya, Native American legends. Prints: Past & Present Native American art and Contemporary environmental artists. Technology: LCD Projector, digital voice recorder& flip camera to document and show students\’ learning experiences for evening community event (see below)

Other Information

In the spring my uncle, an award-winning climate change scientist, will share his research in a presentation for the community. His talk will reinforce the importance of our school achieving LEED certification, \’Going Green\’ and the rationale for living responsibly. Like taking care of the earth, art to Native Americans was integrated throughout their way of life, not separate. Relatively, art in the core curriculum promotes understanding through holistic connections and human commonalities.

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