Roman and Byzantine Mosaics


1. Students learn about Roman and Byzantine empires during social studies. 2. Intro to mosaics including examples from the two ancient empires. Discuss materials, techniques, and vocabulary. 3. In groups, students sketch ideas for group mosaics. Designs should include some sort of information pertaining to the empires (i.e. people, places, events, achievements, etc.) 4. In groups, students use construction paper and glue to recreate their mosaics on larger board 5. Complete rubrics


1. Mosaic techniques, vocabulary, history 2. Design strategies 3. Group skills


1. construction paper 2. Glue 3. scissors 4. Sketch paper 5. pencils and erasers 6. large board for final project 7. copies of rubrics 8. Visual examples of mosaics 9. Other resources like history textbooks, and art history books

Other Information

This project combines information learned out of class with work done during art class. This kind of cross-curricular project helps reinforce information learned in class and helps connect art to a larger educational context.

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