Scenes from literature in wire and paper


Students will form a group and choose a scene from a novel they have read in high school. Students will then have a permission signed by their English teacher approving the scene. Students will receive instruction on the proper proportion of the figure and how to construct a wire and paper figure. After construction and painting, students will attach them to a base and pose figures to capture the mood of their scene. A card describing their scene will then be attached to the base.


Students will learn to collaborate to choose a novel, a scene and distribute characters to each other for which they are responsible. They will need to review and discuss their choices with the group. Decisions must be made to show the feel of the scene in one frozen moment.


We will use 16 gauge galvanized wire, newspaper, pliers, glue, wood bases, paint, brushes, and self drilling screws for the figures. Instruction on the figure with handouts and drawing practice. Examples from prior years.

Other Information

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