Texas Missions Project


I would like to have my 7th graders that are studying Texas history do a clay project on the early missions of Texas. Goliad and the Alamo are the two missions that had significant battles fought at them, but we will also study Concepcion, San Juan and Espada. We will be reading about mission life then writing from the point of view of someone living there long ago. We will then create clay relief tiles in the styles of the various missions that the students choose.


They will learn about why the missions were built. They will learn about life in the missions. They will learn about the many different types of people living there. They will learn architectural terms about the construction of the missions. They will also learn proper use of clay and the firing and glazing process.


Computer lab for research, drawing paper for sketches of missions, paper and pencils for writing thier compositions, clay, clay tools, glaze, power point of missions, visuals

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