The Color Spectrum


The lesson introduces the idea of where color comes from by looking at the color spectrum. The students brainstorm where they think color comes from with visuals that lead them to the rainbow. Next we discuss the science of the color wavelengths and why we see the rainbow in its natural order. The second activity includes each student experimenting with a prizm and refracting the light to make the spectrum right in our classroom. The final product is a painting or Roy G Biv and a rainbow!


The students learn where color comes from in nature and how they can create the color spectrum by refracting the light. They will also learn how to control watercolor paints by doing a resist painting show the correct order of the rainbow.


Technology by a power point, strong light source to refratct the light, prizm, paper, pencil, crayons, watercolors.

Other Information

This is a one to two class period lesson. The first lesson we go over the information and have question and answer. The class concludes with the experience of using a prizm to make a rainbow. The second class we start a drawing and finish with watercolor paints showing the rainbow.

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