The Four Seasons


I give the children four trees with no leaves, only branches. I ask them to color the trees. Then they cut on the dotted line to cut the tree out. Next the children glue their trees on a long paper strip and write the season names under each tree;fall, winter, spring, and summer. Finally the children decorate each tree using a different material. Finger paint (fall), Cotton balls (winter), pink tissue(spring), green leaves(summer). They are very colorful.


The students will learn what happens during the different seasons of the year. They will also learn how to use a variety of materials to create a collage. We will also read and explore some of Eric Carle\’s books to learn about his art work.


Paper, finger paint (red, brown, green, orange, yellow), pink tissue, green leaves, books, pencils, crayons, glue. I could also use my classroom smartboard to learn about Eric Carle\’s books and art.

Other Information

I feel that art can be a wonderful learning tool for my kindergarteners. They do not all read in the beginning and so they express themselves through art. I use art every day in my classroom, at a variety of levels. From simple color, cut, and glue projects to painting.

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