The Iroquois Indian\’s False Face Society


Students will participate in a variety of activities leading up to the final art project of creating a paper mache False Face mask. Students will create a class wiki about previous knowledge, view images of False Face masks to brainstorm ideas for their project, and finally create their 3D masks. The will also create a wordle to incorporate the characteristics of their mask and the Iroquois culture.


Students will learn about a specific, artistic aspect of the Iroquois Indians. They will expand their classroom knowledge about the tribes\’ traditions and ceremonies. They will experience online tools including creating a wiki and wordle. Also, they will work hands on with sketching, sculpting, and painting; including working with a new material, paper mache; to create their version of a False Face mask.


Students will start with using computers to work in a blackboard online course I create for them. They will use Web 2.0 tools to start their learning of the False Face Society as well as use wordle to describe and critique their final project. They will use mask forms as the base for the paper mache face and manipulate paper and other found materials to enhance their masks. They will also use paint to add color to their masks.

Other Information

This project would be a 4-5 week project that is done in coordination with the 4th grade curriculum unit about Indians, specifically the Iroquois. It will be used to bridge their classroom learning with their art learning and processes.

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