The Progressive Era Play


This project involves English and History working together to write their own 25-30 minute play over the progressive era in history. They can create their play from scratch or base it on a movie/television show. They have 3-4 weeks to create the script, find or make costumes, build the set, memorize their lines and have one rehearsel before the big day.


Students learn the importance of planning and teamwork while applying historical information and creating a basis for its purpose. They learn effective and non-effective communication skills. They learn the importance of their individual role because without any one of them the team struggles and possibly fails. They experience creating a product that they can aprreciate because it was their hard work that made it happen.


History books, The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, sample scripts, computers, costumes, prop materials (cardboard, furniture, theater flats,…) paint, glue, scissors, tape,…, a stage for performance(gym or empty room will work also if the Performing Arts is not available), cd player, and knowledge of lights and sound booth in Performing Arts building

Other Information

Each year this becomes a bigger and bigger project, and we could not be happier with it. It covers standards tested on our State Exams in History and is great for English also because they have to compose well-developed text and make connections.

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