The title is called “Seed Project”


Seeds can be classified in many different ways. Students learn about ways of classifying seeds. Students will explore and examine the outer of a fruit or vegetable and then predict how many seeds it has. After making the prediction, using a plastic knife cut the fruit or vegetable.Take the seeds out, count, wash and glue them on a poster board. Students label the seeds, where it was found, and type of plant the seeds come from.This project is used as an extension activity completed at home.


Students will be able to learn how to sort and classify seeds. Students will learn how to classify seeds using different properties such as shape, color, and texture.


Computer will be use to research different types of seeds.LCD projector is needed. Library books to research different kinds of seeds. Other materials needed are poster boards, project display boards, glue, pencils, pens, markers, ziplock bags, sharpies and construction papers of various colors.

Other Information

My fourth graders have fun decorating their posters with different types seeds. Individual students enjoy giving an oral presentation to their classmates. The teacher leads the students on a \”Seed Parade\” on campus and the seed projecst are in display in our school library for a few weeks.

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