Ugly Monsters Are Taking Over My School!


Students design a felt \”ugly monster\” stuffed sculpture. Learning the lifeskills of sewing, design and sculpture. When completed students have learned tobasic sewing skills: sew buttons, straight stitch and whip stitches. They havel taken a design from 2d concept to 3d sculpture. Students name and assign characteristics to their \”monster\”creative journaling adventures with specific emphasis such as verbs/adj. Students take their stories and monsters to lower classes to read.


Lifeskills/fine motor skills/creative thinking/writing/fluency/literacy/esteme.


manilla paper pencils erasers felt square (1 per student) assorted buttons felt scraps dmc floss needles polyester filling lined writing paper or journal pencil or computer access to type story

Other Information

This has been an annual event on our canvas for 4th graders. Students excitedly wait to make their Ugly Monster. They are so pleased with themselves when they see their creation come to \”life\” it captures their creativity and they can not wait to write another adventure for their monster. The fact that this is an imaginary yet something they can hold seems to make them more invested in the writing process. Sharing with younger students builds fluency and esteem.

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