We Are All Works of Art


Students chose a painting from a variety of works, shared their interest, studied the subject’s facial expression, and were photographed mimicking the expression. Images were printed. Students cut out their head, glued it to paper, sketched the rest of the piece, and painted. Activities focused less on artist facts and more on traits found across a range of the artist’s work. This was applied to character trait lessons in language arts. Vocabulary words were used in awards for student art.


Exposure to famous portraiture by a wide range of artists; focus on cross-curricular terms such as tone, trait, quality, mood, theme, and a variety of modifiers; Focus on background detail; Museum of Fine Arts Boston’s “What Artists Do” program


Color Art Reproductions, Digital Camera, Construction Paper, Tempera Paint, Various Biographical Children’s Books, Photoshop, Power Point

Other Information

Students have already completed much of this project and have asked to go to an art museum. If we attain this grant, the money will go toward an experience called “What Artists Do” at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, which includes a guided tour of the MFA, followed by

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