With Math, Artful Wood is Good!


Students will use math and woodworking skills to create a project of beauty. They will make a tic-tac-toe game using a board cut to specific measurements. The students will first practice measurement to the half, quarter and eighth of an inch. They will then figure out how to make a square by deciding how long to cut the wood. After measuring the width and marking it off, they will use a try square to mark a 90 degree line across the edge of the board so that it may be cut and drilled.


Using measurement to make a practical toy with their own two hands, students will learn the importance of reading a ruler as they experience the joy of creating something out of wood. Students will also learn how to lay out lines for the holes they will drill to accommodate pegs or marbles that will represent x and o for their tic-tac-toe game. Students will use measurement to determine what size drill bit they will use to drill holes using new and existing wood shop equipment in our school.


To drill holes the proper size, students will use a ruler to measure, a try square to lay out the lines, an assortment of drill bits, and safety goggles. Students may also practice pyrography with supervision to decorate their project with a woodburning pen. Various species of boards will also be used so that students may have greater choice in creating a project that expresses the students\’ artful design.

Other Information

Pre- school through eighth grade students at our independent school come to woodworking at least once a week. They learn the importance of safe shop practices, measurement, tool uses and names as well as the importance of using resources wisely. This grant would allow us to purchase new equipment such as a forstner bit set in small fractional increments, additional try squares for our classroom and various species of boards to enhance the visual and artisitic aspects of this project.

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