Wizzil the Witch


My school has adopted a new Language Arts Program in which the 4th graders read a book about a witch entitled Wizzil. At one point in the story, Wizzil turns into a glove. So, in my art room we reversed the transformation and turned a glove into a witch.


They will learn the facial characteristics of a witch, how to think and visualize creatively, how to use their imagination to turn a glove into a witch and how to make bubble prints. In addition, they will learn that there is a strong connection between what they learn in their classrooms and what they do in art.


Plastic gloves, pencils, paper, black sharpie markers, tubs of liquid soap (tinted purple), plastic straws, brushes and green tempera paint.

Other Information

This project took two 40 minutes periods to complete. The children were very eager and excited about doing the project when I described it to them and the results were terrific! Also, I did this project pre-Halloween and it was a nice alternative to the more traditional pumpkins.

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