Word Painting


Students will view various art pieces and compose \”Golden\” sentences that are both descriptive and creative. The lessons are designed to show students different ways to express themselves with words. For example, they might have to describe the picture by beginning with an \”ing\” verb and preposition. For example: Sitting on the bleached shoreline, the man grasped his tattered suitcase.


People often say that a picture is worth a 1000 words. This project will motivate students to vocalize those words. By using showing verbs, descriptive writing, figurative language and varied sentence structures, students will experience writing as a three dimensional concept. Each word has a weight and predjudice that can be fine tuned to match their specific messages.


Students will need access to various works of art. A flip camera for recording and posting student work.

Other Information

The goal of the project is to help students find their way to writing. They will be able to experiment with different writing styles so that they can find their own voice.

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